Network Data Security News: Introducing the new CV1000 Virtual Encryption Series and more…

Welcome to the latest edition of Senetas View – the data networks security newsletter from Senetas, a leading global provider of certified high-assurance network and virtualised encryption solutions.

COMING SOON. We are pleased Gemalto has completed its introduction of Senetas’ new CV1000 Virtualised Network Encryptor at its regional Accelerate Sales and Partner events. The CV1000 offers hardened data security and optimal performance (>1Gbps)  for today’s Virtualised Network Functions, and more...Read more below.

Our latest blogs Hope is Not a Strategy and “Negligent Loss of Data Could Lead to Litigation” discuss the wider impacts that a data breach can have on an organisation, and where the accountability and liabilities lie in the event of a successful breach of unencrypted data.

Enjoy Senetas View. Senetas – security without compromise.

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Senetas Network Function Virtualisation Encryption Appliance

COMING SOON. Senetas’ NEW CV Series Virtualised Network Encryption Solution

The CV1000 is the first Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) encryption appliance; designed for extended enterprise WANs, featuring crypto-agility and more. Read more here >

To receive an early copy of the CV1000 brochure and specifications guide, please contact us here.

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BLOG: Hope is Not a Strategy…

When it comes to data protection, crossing your fingers, closing your eyes and hoping for the best does not constitute an effective strategy.

It is frankly staggering that in 2018, so few organisations are encrypting their data; especially when most businesses are using public networks as a part of their core infrastructure. Read more >

BLOG: Negligent Loss of Data Could Lead
to Litigation

Until recently, data breaches may have been seen as just another cost of doing business. The worst-case scenario for many organisations would have been a minor PR issue and the threat of some insignificant financial penalties.

As we have become more dependent upon high-speed data networks, the risks have become greater…Read more >

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NEW! CN9000 100Gbps Series Brochure

Senetas’ CN9000 encryptors offer true flexibility, crypto-agility and interoperability, as well as ease of management – backed by 99.999% uptime! It is the only 100Gbps certified high-assurance encryptor with support for all topologies and dual certifications.

Following some recent product developments and Common Criteria and FIPS certification, we have updated the collateral. Read more >

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