Microwave data links enable an effective solution when conventional cabled networks are not feasible or are physically impossible. But with that benefit, there is an increased risk to the data in transit.

Microwave networks surpass conventional optic-fibre or copper data networks when operating in difficult physical terrain. When the use of traditional cabled fibre optic and copper wire networks are cost prohibitive or impossible, Microwave is a very effective solution.

Microwave LinksThese practical benefits are also met with some disadvantages such as reduced bandwidth and transmission speeds. But the biggest issue is their increased exposure to data security risks.

This is where Senetas encryptors shine. They not only provide optimal data protection by rendering the data meaningless when in unauthorised hands, they maintain network performance by not adversely affecting network bandwidth and speed – security without compromise!

In the event of a successful network breach, Senetas encryptors provide the last line of defence.

Furthermore, Senetas encryptors’ market-leading performance is certified. Product certifications by the three leading international, independent government testing authorities, as suitable for government and defence use, provide the optimal performance assurance.

Importantly, Senetas encryptors feature near-zero latency performance and are purpose designed to not add overheads to the network. They do not adversely affect the Microwave links’ bandwidth or performance. Senetas encryptors’ near-zero latency performance is also dependable and consistent.

microwave transmitted data

Protecting Microwave Transmitted Data

Geographic terrain and physical environmental circumstances can make conventional data networks – optic-fibre and copper – economically unfeasible. In these instances, microwave networks are often chosen.

Similarly, emergency services rely heavily upon the dependability and flexibility of microwave networks.

However, the use of microwave network technology does expose users to additional risks of data theft, business disruption, damage and tampering. At the same time, the limited speed and bandwidth capabilities of Microwave links make them highly sensitive to data security breaches that add overheads to the data being transmitted.

When your application is sensitive to consistent and dependable bandwidth and speed performance, Senetas encryptors will provide the optimal solution – defence-grade data protection.

Regardless of what data is being transmitted on your microwave network – voice, video or data, or any mix of these – Senetas encryptors will stand up to your performance requirements.

Time Critical Performance

Because microwave networks are typically deployed in physically difficult environments, they often enable time critical applications such as emergency services.

This is where Senetas encryptors’ no compromise performance value excels. Precious bandwidth and network speed are not adversely affected by Senetas network encryption. Users continue to get maximum network performance.

Senetas’s experience in microwave data network encryption includes one of the most demanding application environments possible – emergency services – testament to our dependable and consistent encryptor performance.

Time critical microwave network transmitted data is often by its very nature highly sensitive. Senetas certified encryption provides you with assurance that any data intercepted by unauthorised parties is rendered useless. That’s the optimal last line of defence!

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