Senetas high-assurance encryptors provide essential network data protection for critical infrastructure, energy and utilities service providers across the globe.

High-Assurance Network Data Encryption for Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility service providers are a core component of a country’s critical national infrastructure. This makes them a prime target for cyber-criminals and terrorists.

In addition to the risks to public health, safety and the environment, attacks on critical infrastructure have a knock-on effect on business performance across the economy.

Since data networks have been used for process control and automation, the need for secure and reliable high-speed network data transmission has become critical.

The Risk Landscape

Energy and utility service providers face two primary risks to the security of their data.

First, the security of major infrastructure and utility assets from the injection of rogue data, data tampering and disruption.

Second, the protection of valuable aggregated business data and Smart Grid and Smart Metering revenue data.

The vulnerabilities of industrial control systems using high-speed data networks expose communities to very serious risks:

  • Loss of life and other serious safety issues
  • Devastating environmental impact
  • Significant loss of production
  • Major equipment damage
  • Reputation damage

Similarly, the use of high-speed data networks for transmitting aggregated business data, Smart Grid and Smart Meeting data also expose infrastructure asset owners to very damaging consequences:

  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Breach of business and competitive secrets
  • Privacy and compliance breaches
  • Lost revenue billing information

Protecting Energy and Utilities Network Data

Senetas high-assurance data encryptors provide optimal data protection for secure and safe infrastructure and industrial asset processes and control systems; without impacting on network performance.

As a provider of data protection solutions to the energy and utilities market, safety, traceability and transparency are essential.

The utilities market has been a user of Big Data for many years. Large volumes of data move across dedicated Layer 2 networks that are typically multi-site, hub and spoke topologies.

Physical threat detection and prevention are commonplace, but high fences and barbed wire do not provide protection against cyber-attacks.

Like many industries, the utility sector needs to protect itself against loss or theft of sensitive data.

However, it is also more susceptible to the risks associated with rogue data injection or data tampering than most.

“Recent attacks on critical infrastructure installations have shown how easily malicious software can be introduced to control systems. The industrial world needs to rethink security and look beyond high fences and locked gates.” SANS Institue.

Senetas Certified High-Assurance Encryption

Senetas CN Series encryptors are uniquely tailored to suit SCADA and industrial control networks.

Automatic intrusion detection and systems fail-over make Senetas encryptors ideal for the utilities industry. Simple to deploy and manage, they offer low total cost of ownership and high return on investment.

All CN Series encryptors are interoperable and offer scalable encryption for all Layer 2 Ethernet network topologies; operating at speeds from 10Mbps to 100Gbps.

Senetas certified high-assurance encryptors provide maximum network data security with zero impact on network performance.

They are designed to prevent the injection of rogue data and render sensitive data useless in the hands of an unauthorised user.