Senetas Corporation Limited was established in 1999. However, the origins of our leading high-assurance data network encryption technology started a couple of years earlier.

We began by solving a mission-critical, high-speed data network problem for an Australian Government law enforcement organisation. Shortly after Senetas Corporation was established, the US Government and defence agencies came to us to solve their own high-speed data network encryption issues.

Today, we are proud to name them still among our most loyal customers; along with other Government agencies and leading Cloud and data centre service providers from around the world.

For the past twenty years, we have been at the forefront of encryption innovation and have been a part of some significant industry “firsts”; from the joint development of the world’s first quantum-safe encryption solution (with Swiss Quantum technology firm ID Quantique) to the launch of the CN9000 Series – the first commercially available 100Gbps Ethernet encryptor to support fully meshed network topologies.

We remain committed to excellence in research and development, independent testing authority certification, best-practice data encryption and leading expertise in the security of high-speed data networks.

An Interactive History of Senetas

Rollover the dates in the timeline below to discover some of the key innovations and landmark moments throughout our history.