Product Support and Maintenance Information

Customer product support and maintenance is provided under Customer Support and Maintenance Agreements (GlobalCare in Australia and New Zealand). We offer two types of support and maintenance levels:

  • Standard – business hours
  • Premium – 24/7 support

Support and Maintenance Agreements will be different for each of our clients; we tailor agreements to your needs in order to provide the best service solution for possible  Please refer to your Support and Maintenance Agreements for details about your specific Service Level Agreement (SLAs) and other entitlements, such as response times.


Global Support Contacts

Product support, maintenance and training are provided by Gemalto in all countries except Australia and New Zealand:







Senetas and SafeNet CN and CV Series encryptors Senetas CN and CV Series encryptors

T: +1 410 931 7520

Email Customer Support


T: +61 (0)3 9868 4555

Email Customer Support


Support and maintenance are for the exclusive use of customers with a valid Support and Maintenance Agreement covering the specific product enquired about. You may be requested to provide product serial number(s) and/or agreement details when requesting support.

For more details about Senetas GlobalCare product support and maintenance, including specific SLAs for Standard and Premium Support, download the GlobalCare brochure.

If you do not have a support and maintenance agreement but would like to know more about the service, please contact us.

If you would like further information or a quotation for support, please contact us.