Batten Down the Hatches

With the exponential growth in Big Data, rising adoption of Cloud services and the use of remote data centres driving unprecedented movement of data throughout networks, data in motion is under increasing threat.

Of all reported fraud, electronic information theft is now the most common. How and why is data theft on the rise and which information is most vulnerable? This paper examines the risks to data in motion, plus the optimal encryption options for managing and assuring data network security.

The Business End of Data Protection

This paper has been created for business managers, to explain how data is vulnerable as it moves across data networks and why sensitive data should be encrypted.

It can be used to understand the security issues and risks to data while it moves through computer networks. It will help you to navigate your way through what can otherwise be confusing technical information.

From Caesar to Cyber

Over the past 10 years, very few factors have had as much impact on business growth and performance as the evolution of the high-speed network.

Business communications are based on the collation, storage, analysis and exchange of vast quantities of data; all of which places unprecedented demands upon the core ICT infrastructure.

If It's Not Broken Don't Fix It

There may be no more important data security topic today than law enforcement’s persistent calls to weaken ‘unbreakable’ encryption by forcing vendors to add back doors to their secure products.

Across the US, UK and Europe, law enforcement agencies are dedicating time and resources to pursuing this counter-intuitive and potentially dangerous proposition; all in the name of counter terrorism.

Why Encrypt at Layer2

Network hacking and corporate espionage are on the rise, whilst information security risks remain commonplace.

Organisations need to increase vigilance at the same time that stakeholders have increasing expectations that their information will be secure in the hands of other organisations.

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