High-Assurance Encryption Certifications

Since developing the very first CN encryptor, Senetas has chosen to differentiate its products through security product certifications. Multiple testing authority certifications form a key part of the ‘certified high-assurance’ promise from Senetas CN Series encryptors.

Certified High-Assurance Encryption

Senetas certified high-assurance encryptors protect high-speed Layer 2 network transmitted data, without compromising network performance.

CM7 Network Manager

Senetas CM7 Network Encryption Manager enables easy management of the broad range of Senetas CN network encryptors; across all Layer 2 Ethernet and Fibre Channel network protocols and topologies.

Avaya Fabric Connect

Senetas brings government certified and high-assurance Ethernet encryption solutions for data networks using Avaya’s SPB Fabric Connect technology.

Senetas encryptors address data security threats arising from the advent of network virtualisation for data centres, campus LANs and Wide Area Networks.

Ethernet WAN Encryption

When choosing an encryption solution for Layer 2 carrier Ethernet WAN and MAN networks it is the device security, overall encryption methodology and impact on the network’s performance that matter.

Not all encryption solutions provide maximum end-to-end encryption security and many degrade network performance.

High-Assurance Certifications

Senetas high-assurance Metro Area and Carrier Ethernet encryptors include the security assurance of certification by leading independent testing authorities.

They are certified as suitable for government and defence use by FIPS, Common Criteria and NATO.

Microwave Link Security

Microwave links are an established part of defence, corporate, education, health, finance, emergency services and utility networks.

They are popular because they can be easily deployed over any distance; especially when the terrain makes conventional cable networks impossible or impractical.

MPLS Encryption

Senetas high-assurance encryptors are multi-certified encryptors for Layer 2 carrier ethernet networks. They support all Layer 2 protocols and topologies.

Nextgen Data Centre Security

Senetas and Nextgen Group partner to provide best-of-breed, secure data centre and high-speed network services.

Secure Multicast Transmission

This technical paper discusses the encryption of multicast data traffic at Layer 2 to provide secure data transmission through high-speed networks.

Storage Network Encryption

Ensuring the security of modern storage infrastructure poses challenges for IT professionals.

Heavy reliance is placed on storage networks used to backup critical data on distributed servers and data centres at remote locations.

Traffic Flow Security

Traffic Flow Security (TFS) is the technology that provides protection against damaging data network “traffic analysis”.

This paper discusses the significance of high-speed communications network traffic analysis, the risks it imposes and how Senetas has incorporated TFS in selected encryptors.

WAN Optimisation

Senetas Ethernet encryptors are Layer 2 (data link) appliances that secure traffic at wire speeds across wide area Ethernet services to provide protection information transmitted.

This paper discusses the scenario where both encryption and optimisation are used across a Wide Area Network (WAN) and the design considerations required.

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