100Gbps Ethernet Encryption Use Cases

Senetas CN9000 100Gbps encryption in action: For the first time, certified high-assurance 100Gbps Ethernet network encryption is a reality. Not just fast, but ultra-fast, not just Big Data, but ‘Mega Data’ across all topologies.

Big Data Encryption

As the networks and technologies that enable big data collection, analysis, sharing and storage grow, so too does the attention of cyber-criminals!

Branch Location Encryption

Data is at risk within distributed network environments; where high-speed central office or data centre locations are connected to multiple remote or branch office sites.

CCTV Network Data Security

Advances in CCTV and video streaming have seen them become a part of everyday life. However, the high speed networks used to carry video traffic require data protection, as they are sensitive to feed disruption and vulnerable to unauthorised access.

Cloud Services Encryption

Due to its information-rich content, the data volumes transmitted and organisations’ inability to effectively secure all the networks they use, Cloud Computing data is an attractive target for cyber criminals.

Commercial Network Data Security

Data network breaches highlight the importance of protecting the data itself. Cloud, data centre, big data and other technologies using high-speed layer 2 links need the best data protection and maximum network performance.

Critical Infrastructure Data Security

The implications of the growing threat to Critical National Infrastructure are wide ranging. Of greatest concern is the potential impact on security of supply for critical utilities and the broader themes of national security and public safety.

Defence Network Data Security

Defence and military systems are vital to national security. The risk of cyber-attacks and interference have never been greater, so high-assurance encryption of defence and military networks is essential.

Financial Network Data Security

A financial institution’s responsibility to data security doesn’t end at the front door. They are also responsible for the data when it is shared with third parties across high-speed data networks.

Government Network Data Security

The need to protect government organisations’ sensitive information within their systems is clear. But, the need to protect transmitted network data has not been quite so obvious.

Infrastructure Control Systems Ecryption

Infrastructure and industrial process and control systems’ security are of national importance. Risks of cyber and terrorist attacks and interference have never been greater. Encrypting automation, control and business data provides essential protection.

Healthcare Network Data Security

Globally, the healthcare sector has adopted a range of new technologies, as governments and
private healthcare providers alike seek to realise operational efficiencies.

Gaming Industry Data Security

The gaming industry has become increasingly dependent upon CCTV, Big Data Applications, Cloud and Data Centre Services. High-speed network-delivered services not only enable the gaming industry to maximise financial and operational efficiencies, they also support regulatory control and compliance.

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