The infographic section of our resource library features case studies, product information and illustrations of Senetas encryptors at work.

Return On Investment (ROI) & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

TCO and ROI are proven financial decision-making aids for investments and expenditure. This guide refers to common and identifiable comparisons that point to direct TCO and ROI benefits.

Government Network Data Security

Senetas Certified high-assurance data encryptors are often the first choice of governments around the world. Near-zero latency, maximum data network security, low TCO and certified as suitable for government and defence applications.

Cloud Data Centre Services Case Study

Senetas high-assurance encryptors chosen to protect the owner operator of Europe’s largest network and a global cloud services provider.

SCADA Encryption Case Study

European energy supplier protects SCADA control network with Senetas high-assurance encryption.

Healthcare Network Data Security

Globally, the healthcare sector has adopted a range of new technologies, as governments and private healthcare providers alike seek to realise operational efficiencies.

CN Series Encryptors - An Overview

Scalable, efficient and crypto-agile. Certified, high-assurance data protection without compromising network performance.

CN9000 Ultra-Fast 100Gbps Encryption

High-assurance 100Gbps Ethernet encryptors: Ultra-fast, Ultra-secure, Ultra-reliable

Financial Services Multi-link Encryption Case Study

Securing a global financial WAN with CN8000 high-assurance, multi-link encryption; featuring Quantum Key Distribution.

CN4000 Desktop 10Mbps-1Gbps Encryption

Low-cost, high-performance small form-factor encryptors.

CN6000 Versatile 1Gbps-10Gbps Encryption

Latest generation high-assurance and efficient rack-mounted Ethernet and fibre channel encryptors.

CN8000 10x 1-10Gbps Multi-link Encryption

Multi-port, 10x10Gbps multi-tenant Ethernet or Fibre Channel encryptor.

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