Big Data Security

Major international bank chooses Senetas high-assurance encryptors to secure cross-border transactions and reporting data.

CCTV Monitoring

A Major CCTV network and surveillance services provider chose Senetas certified high-assurance encryptors to protect European law enforcement CCTV network transmitted data.

Cloud Data Centre

Senetas high-assurance encryptors chosen to protect Sterci’s GTSuite SaaS via Interoute, owners of Europe’s largest Cloud services platform.

Financial Services

Sterci clients benefit from the cost reductions and risk management offered by cloud services, while maintaining a high level of assurance regarding data confidentiality.

Multilink Encryption

An international bank upgrades its WAN encryption solution with Senetas CN8000 multilink encryption to provide secure and instant access to customer data from any of its 30+ locations, across 3 continents.

National CCTV

Government security CCTV video capture and real-time transmission demands robust, high-assurance encryption without compromising network performance.

Patient Monitoring

US veteran affairs hospital implements Senetas high-assurance encryption to secure real-time CCTV patient monitoring system.

SCADA Encryption

Major European energy supplier protects SCADA control network with Senetas high-assurance encryptors

Secure Multicast Transmission

Global CCTV network and surveillance service provider chooses Senetas high-assurance encryptors to protect CCTV network transmitted data.

Senetas Fabric Connect

A major municipality is making a multi-million-dollar investment in a secure, encrypted Metro Area Networking solution that supports more than 20 community agencies and their IT communications needs.

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