Gemalto GDPR clinic tours the UK

Over the coming weeks, Gemalto is taking its GDPR clinic on Tour. Starting on Tuesday 23rd May, Gemalto will be touring the country, providing practical advice that will help you prepare for the GDPR.

The nine date tour, co-sponsored by Senetas, is your opportunity to meet with experts in Identity, Encryption and Key Management, who can help solve your GDPR compliance challenges.

The GDPR will have wide ranging implications for every organisation within the EU that processes personal data and any organisation based outside the EU that provides services to the European Market. Basically, it will impact just about everyone.

Do you fully understand the implications of the GDPR for your business? Do you see it as an obstacle, or an opportunity? On this UK tour, you will have the opportunity to talk to a range of data security experts about how the GDPR is likely to impact on your organisation:

  • Who does it apply to?
  • What is the new scope of “personal” information?
  • What are the new citizen rights under the legislation?
  • What are the implications of a breach?
  • How will the GDPR impact on my device and data management strategies?
  • What is Privacy by Design?


Gemalto Tour Schedule

SBL / CSP 2017 
York Race Course
Tuesday 23rd –
Wednesday 24th May
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Xscape Leeds Thursday 25th May
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Exclusive Networks Chesterfield Friday 26th May
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Motorcycle Museum
Tuesday 30th May
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Xscape Milton Keynes Wednesday 31st May
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Blenheim Palace Oxford Thursday 1st June
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BigTec Exclusive Networks Green Park Reading Friday 2nd June
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Exclusive Networks Alton Monday 5th June
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Last Stop
 InfoSecurity Europe Tuesday 6th –
Thursday 8th June
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Gemalto GDPR Tour

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