Senetas designs, develops and manufactures certified high-assurance encryption hardware to protect data in transit across all Layer 2 network protocols and topologies; including Shortest Path Bridging, SCADA Control Systems, Avaya Fabric Connect and VMPLS networks.

Senetas encryptors are used to protect sensitive data in motion without compromising network performance. Trusted by governments, defence forces, market-leading enterprises and global Cloud and data centre service providers, Senetas encryptors have been deployed in more than 30 countries.

Senetas customers include some of the world’s most secure organisations; transmitting a variety of sensitive data across a wide range of Layer 2 network protocols and topologies – from complex global: Cloud services, multi-point to multi-point Big Data and data centre interconnect infrastructures; to simple point-to-point and link networks.

High-Assurance Encryption

As recommended by leading data security and encryption analysts, for a network encryption solution to be truly robust, the encryptors must be dedicated, secure and tamper-proof devices; they must be officially certified by one or more of the leading international security product testing and certification authorities.

Senetas Layer 2 encryptors take their certified high-assurance credentials further and feature:

  • Secure, tamper-proof dedicated hardware
  • State-of-the-art, automatic zero-touch key management
  • End-to-end, authenticated encryption
  • Standards-based encryption algorithms



In addition to Senetas CN encryptors’ high-assurance credentials, all CN Series models include certification.

  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-2 Level 3) – United States
  • Common Criteria (CC EAL2+ EAL4+) – International
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO Restricted-Green) – All Member States

In addition to governments, many global commercial enterprises have adopted these encryptor security certification standards in order to provide stakeholders with recognised security performance assurance standards. IT security professionals commonly insist that products used to protect business-critical, sensitive or valuable data should hold one or more of these certifications.


Why is Product Certification Important?

Certification (independent testing authority) provides both government and commercial customers with the peace of mind of expert independent third party validation that Senetas encryptors provide maximum data protection – a key component of Senetas certified high-assurance security. Certifications are based on rigorous exacting security and testing standards.

Compliance with these international certification standards is a strict requirement for many government and defence agencies when it comes to the protection of sensitive data. The need to comply with high-assurance standards often also extends to third parties wishing to provide services to government and defence agencies.

Security product certifications involve rigorous testing procedures, which often take years to be completed. It is not a one-time process; but typically an on-going assessment, where even the smallest change to the product requires a process of ‘re-certification’.

These certifications ensure that products are “suitable for government and defence use”. Classification within the certification process determines the level of data sensitivity for which the product is suitable – including “confidential” and “secret” information.


‘Certification In-Depth’

Since developing the first CN encryptor, Senetas has chosen to differentiate its products through certifications. Multiple certifications form a key part of the ‘certified high-assurance’ promise you get from Senetas CN series encryptors.

We call this commitment to certifications ‘Certifications In-Depth’. Having developed R&D expertise in the security standards and testing requirements, certifications are a cornerstone of Senetas hardware encryption design and development.

For more information on individual products and certifications, take a look at Introduction to Senetas High-assurance Encryptors.

Maximum security without compromising network performance

Whether you’re protecting Big Data applications, Cloud computing, remote data centre services, HD video streaming or critical infrastructure and industrial control systems; Senetas encryptors provide certifed high-assurance security and maximise bandwidth availability without compromising network performance:

  • 100% network device compatibility
  • Near-zero latency
  • Nominal data overheads
  • Zero network impact
  • Real time availability of encrypted video, voice and data.

Senetas encryptors are flexible, interoperable, 100% compatible with all network devices and cost effective to both operate and manage.

Contact us for more detailed information about product certification.


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